We offer a variety of trial instructional flight experiences to give you a taste of flying in and piloting a gyrocopter, under the supervision of an ASRA Certified flight instructor.

Flight Information

Trial Instructional

This is a 15 minute introductory flight in which we remain close to the airfield where you'll experience sharing the airspace with other local aircraft.    

Your flight instructor will brief you pre flight, secure you safely into the aircraft, and you will also be fitted with an intercom communications headset.

Within a few minutes you will experience the thrill of flying like a bird with amazing views.

After showing you how the flight controls work, your flight instructor will hand over the controls so you can experience the thrills of piloting the aircraft.

15 minute flight - $110

Trial Instructional

You'll experience the same rush of excitement as in the introductory flight but with more time to feel what the aircraft can do.

We will venture further away from the airfield to our designated training and low level flying area and you'll have more time to enjoy the flight experience.

30 Minute Flights - $195

(Our most popular package)

Trial Instructional

With this option, we have time to venture out and explore the beautiful Avon valley and surroundings, perhaps landing at another local airfield or overflying one of the local townships or landmarks.

You'll truly experience the freedom of gyrocopter flying.

60 Minute Flights - $360

Trial Instructional

This is the premium experience.

Experience first hand on how a pilot plans a short cross country flight to another destination or airport. You'll have plenty of hands on experience and learn skills from your flight instructor.

This option provides more time to enjoy the changing scenery below and to experience interaction & communication with other aircraft, as well as how to approach and arrive at an airport.

90 Minute Flights - $495

Treat yourself to a true, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Gift Vouchers can also be purchased in person at the airfield or

  email: bookings@gyrocopterflights.com.au

Gift vouchers

are available for trial instructional flights of

  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 90 minutes

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