The real fun begins after you have taken your first Trial Instructional Flight (T.I.F), as you enter primary flight instruction. Depending on weather you can choose to learn in an open cockpit tandem gyrocopter or enclosed side by side such as the Magni M24. 

You will transition to the pilot-in command seat either in the front seat or the left hand seat. This is where the real learning begins. With your instructor seated beside or behind you (depending on the aircraft type), you'll learn to control the gyrocopter with confidence and precision. 

Your instructor will guide you step-by-step through all flight maneuvers following an ASRA (Australian Sports Rotorcraft Association) syllabus. The ground schooling in our classroom is carefully designed to build your skills and confidence. 

Eventually you will be ready to fly your own aircraft solo, having acquired the necessary mastery of the
skills you have been taught. You'll also prepare to take your final practical flight exam to become an ASRA Certified Pilot.

Flight Training